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Show #113: The New Guilt

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 8:00:00 PM


I have come to fully embrace the "live format" at last.  After years of resistance, I have now come to love the spontaneity, the urgency, and the fact that editing is now so easy I can do it in my sleep.  Well, almost.  You see, in the case of this week's episode, I apparently did.  Literally, I remember editing about half the episode and feeling sleepy, but then when I woke up the next morning, there was a finished episode saved in my out-folder.  The fact that I had somehow managed to name it "Dirty Guilt" and had completely messed up the last 15 minutes by leaving two minutes of silence where the fourth track should have been.  The bold idea of then playing the fourth track on top of the interview does not speak well for my subconscious' artistic vision.  I have since straightened everything out and promise not to let him do any podcasting -- or driving -- for the foreseeable future.  

As I elude to during the interview, 99 episodes ago, when I was just a wee podcaster, I got to hang out and interview the Dirty Third. Five years later, that is still one of my most-memorable experiences and favorite episodes, though mostly for the stuff that didn't make the final edit -- again we see the advantages of the live format.  While The New Guilt does have two D3 members in it, this music is definitely not of that ilk.   Their debut EP, Abnormal, is a dark, brooding journey to the not-so-fun side of life, love, and relationships presented with a heavy dose of power chords and virtuoso guitar flash, a rhythm section that hits you like a shot-put in the chest (timely Olympic reference there), and vocals that drip with rage, anguish and desperation as appropriate to the tone of the song.  Even if you are not prone to headbanging or air-guitar, this is such a dense album that it will smother you and leave you exhausted by the end.  Trust me, if you are a hard rock or alt rock fan, you really need to add this one to your playlist. This is one of the finest releases in the genre in the last two years.

Links referenced in the show:  

  • The New Guilt can be found here Web Site | Facebook | Reverb Nation | Twitter
  • "Slim the Alter Ego" and "Big Play" Ray Ruiz both appeared on Show #014 as members of the Dirty Third. 
  • This is, in fact, Ray's fourth appearance on Indy In-Tune, having appeared twice with his other band, Vilafishburn (Show #011 and Show #104).  This brings his total word count spoken on mic to, I believe, twelve full words.
  • Brian Shadows is formerly of the band Valhalla out of Memphis, TN.
  • Yes, it's true, the show was recorded and broadcast live from the bathroom/locker room/shower at Indy's Jukebox.  We have pictures to prove it.  It should be noted that this was not due to any lack of hospitality on behalf of the venue -- they were in fact very good to us -- but it was simply the most sonically accessible place with reasonable seating.
  • The New Guilt is gearing up for a tour of distant realms where they plan to team up with Livid from Cincinnati and Scarlet Carson from New Jersey.
  • The song "Oh, Shelia," was not by El DeBarge, but in fact was recorded by the band Ready for the World.  Also, there is no evidence that it is about percussionist Shelia E
  • The New Guilt will be one of the headlining acts at the Indy In-Tune Radio Kickoff Party and Podcast Concert on August 31 at Birdy's.  And, you really should be there to see that. 

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The New Guilt: Abnormal
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