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Show #078: Stacy Basner Presents: The Post Script

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Sunday, September 5, 2010 5:00:00 PM

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It's a source of both joy and frustration that I can't listen to and become intimately familiar with every band in Indianapolis. I mean, I'm working on it, but at last count there were about 4000 at various levels in the metro area -- assuming MySpace pages are any sort of valid indicator. In this particular instance, I got the call that The Post Script was interested in being guests on Indy In-Tune while I was on my way to their gig (where I was already slated to record shows #077 and #080). Normally like to get a week or so of advance notice to purchase the band's CD, listen to it a few times, do a little research on the web to see if they've posted any interesting blogs, bios, or tidbits that I can hook into during an interview, etc. Historically, I hate going in to interviews blind. It's a disservice to the guest, and I'm certain listeners can tell on which shows I'm completely talking out of my ass. Fortunately, when I arrived on location and spoke with Stacy Basner of the band Finer, she immediately started raving about how The Post Script was one of her favorite bands and immediately tried to give me a cram session on everything I needed to know about them and their music. Understandably, this felt a lot like my sophomore year of college, only I didn't have to hide the beer from the RA, so I immediately drafted her to play host for what is now Episode #078 -- a role which she gladly accepted and nailed with all the insight, humor, and character I knew she would bring.

Obviously, since this interview was recorded, I've gotten a chance to both purchase the Post Script's music, as well as see them perform live. While both are very enjoyable experiences, I'd have to say that, live, this band is something to behold. The energy and stage presence they have is definitely among the best in the city, and while the music on the CD is great, you really need to to hear it expanded in a live setting, will all the embellishments, ad libs and extended jams -- Especially when you stop and think that all of that sound is being created on stage by just three guys (and three really funny guys at that, as this episode shows).

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