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Show #136: Grant McClintock

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Friday, January 4, 2013 5:00:00 PM

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You think by now I'd give up trying to make New Years' resolutions.  Aside from the one about being nicer to my roommate, I've never actually managed to pull one off, though quite often for good reason.  This year, I am resolving 1) to get back into writing and playing music again, and 2) to find a way for seven years of hard work building Indy In-Tune and promoting the local music scene to at least pay for itself in a break even fashion.  Yeah, I jokingly say that, as a hobby, it's cheaper than heroin, but quite frankly I'd like to have what I have be self-sustaining, so that I can take that hobby budget and apply it towards expanding a bit.  You know, maybe better equipment, better swag, contests, something like that.  What's your resolution.  Do share it with us.

This week's guest is Grant McClintock and his as-yet-unnamed band.  Grant is a Pennsylvania transplant I first met back at our PodConcert #1 at Birdy's, courtesy of our mutual friends in Minute Details. What attracted me most his music was willingness to experiment with different sounds and instrumentation and push at the envelope of convention, yet still not break it to the point that you would call his music progressive or psychedelic (the instant stigmas of fanatic loyalty, but low mass appeal).  For this show, he performed all tracks live in Studio B, with his set being streamed live to the Internet at the time.  You can hear just the tracks (plus the between-song banter in our Mini Concert library.

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