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Show #141: Ryan Brewer Returns

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 5:00:00 PM

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It is nice to see that the recent downturn in employment/hobby funding, for those of you keeping tabs on the off-mic version of my life, has not affected podcast downloads.  Nor has it affected the enthusiasm of our local scene.  In fact, within about an hour of announcing that we were shuttering the doors temporarily, I had offers from three different groups to finance the station on an ongoing basis.  While this is much appreciated, the actual issue is not so much the cost of the station, but the principle that I can't very well take money for a radio station while food, utilities, and the mortgage aren't completely covered.  I did finally secure a bit of contract employment this week, which means that we'll soon be getting Indy In-Tune Radio back on the air, using a new provider.  This means no more crummy ads, pop-ups, or special apps required, and I get to load up as big of a playlist as I like, instead of being limited to a mere gigabyte of music at a time.  Stay tuned, this one is raising the bar a bit.  For those of you who did offer to support Indy In-Tune financially, please maintain this enthusiasm, as I will be starting up an ad network in the next couple of months that I plan to use to self-fund Indy In-Tune for the first time, and hopefully expand our live offerings with the ability to actually pay musicians for their effort.

In addition to being supremely talented and very entertaining, Ryan Brewer is one of those solid, reliable guys that it's always good to have on your speed dial.  Not only did he agree to do a fill in spot on our very first Monday Night Live on given less than an hour's notice, but he also, possibly jinxed by my joking about it during this show, ended up playing Indy In-Tune's PodConcert III, once again at the last minute, immediately following Black Market Binary.  In both cases, he completely won over crowds of people that, since it was a last-minute thing, didn't include very many of his regular fans, and who were quite frankly expecting to see someone else.  In fact, in both cases, I had someone come up to me and claim his performance was the best part of the lineup.  No small praise there.  I know he doesn't believe me, but I really did, in both instances, have plans to book him on future dates for both of those series.

Incidentally, I don't think he sounds a thing like Guns and Roses.  I think he sounds like a young Peter Frampton.

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