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Show #015: Rok Hollywood

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Thursday, April 19, 2007 5:00:00 PM

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You know, there's something almost therapeutic about spending an entire weekend kicking back with a case of beer, a laptop and doing nothing but slapping on headphones and power-editing six podcasts. It sure beats the complete stressfest that was April around here, though it's probably still not an adequate substitution for having, say, an actual "life." Still, I can't complain, I got to hear a bunch of really great music.

This week's guests, Rok Hollywood, are well-known and respected veterans of the Indianapolis Music scene, owing to both their long-time presence as musicians, their work as owner/operators of Rising Star Entertainment, and their infamous "big-time gigs" opening up for major artists at Deer Creek (yes, I refuse to call it by it's "corporate name" -- and I also say "Hoosier Dome" as long as I'm still paying taxes for it).

The most unique thing about these guys -- in particular, David and Daren -- is that if you know their resume, hear their music, and then meet them socially, there is a certain expectation of "heavy metal party guys biting the heads off of bats." In reality, however, they are very quiet, soft-spoken, unassuming personalities -- to the point that I was even wondering how I was going to get an interview out of them. On the other hand, if you catch them in their element during a performance, back stage at a show, or any time there's a microphone in the vicinity, then you're meeting a completely different group of guys: the non-nonsense, performance-focused, rock star package you would expect. Yet even then, as the interview shows, they don't give up any of the down-to-earth amiability and charm at their core. And of course the music speaks for itself.

Links referenced in the show:

    Rok Hollywood can be found here: Website / MySpace.
  • They also maintain a presence at David's Store / Daren's Store
  • For those who were interested, here is the entire Q and A with Dave Lindquist that Rok Hollywood referenced during the show.
  • You can catch Daren filling in with Posin (a Poison tribute band) on Thursday at Birdy's as part of a benefit for the Damien Center.
  • David, Daren, and Mike are also scheduled to appear at Rock-It-Fest in June with an lead singer to be announced.
  • Tonight's promo is for the We're Both Right Podcast. A new show on the Indiana podcasting scene. You can meet those guys, along with our leading podcaster, Jeffrey T of the Good Beer Show, myself, and several other local podcast producers at the Podcaster meet up this coming Saturday at the Starbucks on West 86th Street.
  • And finally, we don't ask you for much, but we do implore you to help save Internet radio from the new proposed licensing fees that threaten to bankrupt nearly every streaming internet radio station in the country. So, please, visit, sign the petition, then write/fax/call/mail/visit your congressman and tell them to support H.R. 2060, which puts the rate fee hikes on Internet broadcasters back in line with their terrestrial counterparts.

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