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Bryan Meyers

General Information

Bryan Meyers
Artist Name: Bryan Meyers
Genre(s): rock
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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The organic, textural style of Bryan Meyers drumming, along with a passion for the experimental, and desire to be pliable, allows Bryan to shine in an assortment of music genres. Seeing the drum kit as a multi-timbral instrument and not just a collection of role specific devices, Bryan's playing takes on a holistic, organic approach to music making. This style is rooted in a love of all kinds of music and a desire to bring something special to every playing situation. Born in Southern California in the 60's put Bryan in a unique time and place for a musician. Growing up listening to The Beatles, Motown, and hard rock, he eventually became a progressive rock fan right when Punk and New Wave came crashing down. He continues to love it all. After playing for a few years, he began to cut his teeth on jazz gigs in Palm Springs during the 80's. He played a variety of pop, rock, jazz and orchestral gigs in the following years. Whether rocking out with touring bands, improvising esoteric soundtracks for the Indianapolis Childrens Museum Planetarium, or supporting artist like Mike Roe with his percussion/kit drum hybrid, Bryan always manages to get involved in something that stretches him and diversifies his musical palette. Bryan has also played with the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, as well as other churches for over 25 years. This has led to regional touring and recording with a variety songwriters and musicians from all over the country.

Bryan's experience includes playing live and/or recording with a variety of artists, including Michael Roe, Paul Frazier(David Byrne),The Lost Dogs, Kelly Richey Band, Jon E. Gee(Ted Nugent, John Mellencamp), Jason Sturgeon, Glenn Alexander(Max Weinberg, Levon Helm), Henry Lee Summer, Ron Kenoly, the Vineyard Music Group, Darrell Mansfield, Siochain(2008 Indy's Irish Fest People's Choice Winner), Billy Wooten(Wes Montgomery), Kingly T, Mark Imboden, Loaner, Jeff DeHerdt, Ashworth, CA3, Paging Raymond, Brenda Williams, Kendall Phillips(American Idol) and Joel Henderson. The music genres of the aforementioned bands include pop, rock, r'n'b, celtic, metal, reggae, ska, alt-country, blues, folk, country, jazz, latin and creative soundscapes.

He has also shared the stage with many other artists while on the road, such as Joe Cocker, Yes, 77's, John Mellencamp, Indigenous, Over the Rhine, California Guitar Trio, Gaelic Storm, The Fenians, Mandy Moore, Tobey Keith, Bill Mallonee(VOL), Avril Lavigne, Mark Pender Band and Junior Brown. Involvement with so many bands has led to recording opportunities with several of them, as his name shows in the liner notes of Siochain, Ashworth, Mike Roe, 77's, Matt Haupt, Mark Imboden and Lost Dogs albums, as well as jingles and demos for a number of projects.

Bryan also writes and produces music for video production. He has also released a motivational album called Today Is The Day. Currently, he is actively fronting his own band, simply called, Bryan Meyers. In this, he is the lead vocalist as well as drumming


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