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The Indy Music Artist Directory
Fifteen years ago, we started on a mission to put together a definitive list of every local band ... these days it's more a historical reference of current and former artists.
The Music Store
Well, not so much a store, per se. We don't sell anything or take any cuts. We just wanted to link to where you can buy all the great music you hear on the station and podcasts.
Other useful pages elsewhere on the Internet. Allies, partners, sponsors, and just handy stuff to increase your knowledge.
Local Is Our Genre
Our supplemental podcast cover everything from the business aspects of music to the history of Indianapolis music. We've been threatening to revive it with yet another format, but that remains to be seen.

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12:00 AM: Random Access Music
6:00 AM: Artist Spotlight
7:00 AM: The Chris Brake Show
8:00 AM: Work Safe Weekday Music
6:00 PM: Artist Spotlight
7:00 PM: Acoustic Monday
10:00 PM: Brother Brother Beercast
11:00 PM: Artist Spotlight

* Schedule subject to change without notice. Sorry, but that's rock and roll.