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The Freddie Won't Show Band

General Information

The Freddie Won't Show Band
Artist Name: The Freddie Won't Show Band
Genre(s): alternative,hard rock
Contact: (317) 446-9195
Years Active: 2004 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Lizard _ -- guitar
Johnny Neilander -- bass
John Smith -- vocals
Shaun Smith -- guitar
Nick Watson -- drums
Related Bands: (unavailable)


The Freddie Won't Show Band plays a variety of music not limited to : Nickelback, Rage Against The Machine, SRV, Bill Withers, Thats right BILL WITHERS,. Creed, Finger Eleven, Ted Nuggent. The band plays at local bars and the Chili fest. Some of the bars they have played at include but not limited to: Joe's Grill, She & I, The Outside Inn, Blue Crew, Firehouse, Driftys, Slammin Sammies, and Heavy's. (Submitted by Tambi Smith.)


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