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Dizzy Hollow

General Information

Dizzy Hollow
Artist Name: Dizzy Hollow
Contact: dizzyhollowband - at -
(812) 773-9046
Years Active: 2006 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Zach Ahrens -- guitar
Lucian Gatherwood -- drums
Brandon Long -- guitar
Greg Pearce -- bass
Roman Stonesypher -- vocals
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Dizzy Hollow is a fresh new band that hails from the small city of Evansville, Indiana. Their influences run the gamut from pop to metal and all points in between. This juxtaposition of influences creates a timeless brand of music that is often familiar yet always original and entertaining. It was time to change the stale, uncreative scene in Southern Indiana. This is exactly what Dizzy Hollow has done. Hypnotizing, flavorful pulse with low end that won't stop provided by drummer Lucian Gatherwood & bassist Ryan Phillips. Guitarists Zach Aerens & Brandon Long season the groove with powerful hum and delicate nuance. Roman Stonesypher delivers vocal melodies that weave through the music creating a fabric of raw intensity and emotional depth. These five eccentric personalities have not only broken the mold in their local scene, they have brought something much bigger to the table. The "Dizzy Hollow" brand of atypical, irresistible and ever evolving continues to make its mark wherever heard. Dizzy Hollow has shared the stage with many local and out of town acts including Bamboo Needle, 600 Stanley, Fall of Snow, Chamberflow, Naked, Harrison Hudson, Nitengale, Deaf Megan, Onward to Iowa, The Apprentice, Egypt Central and international headlining acts Mock Orange & WHEATUS. 2009 saw the release of Dizzy Hollow’s self-titled independent debut album. The album is a collection of songs written over a two year period of time which chronicles the band’s evolution from early tracks such as “Supercreep” and “Solstice” to new material like “Fountain”, "Cheshire Smile" and “Pillar“. Dizzy Hollow is always writing, recording and playing shows. The band looks forward to a more extensive touring schedule and the release of new material.


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