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The Blind Side Band

General Information

The Blind Side Band
Artist Name: The Blind Side Band
Genre(s): rock,country
Years Active: 1989 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
George Bower -- bass
Steve Chenowith -- guitar, vocals
John Dinwiddle -- guitar, vocals
Tim Levesque -- sound
Joe Phillips -- vocals, guitar, percussion
Mark Pieper -- vocals, percussion
Luciia Rapier -- keyboards, guitar
Darrell Smith -- drums, vocals
Allen Firebaugh -- vocals, guitar
Arlen Friedline -- vocals, guitar
Kurt Kruger -- drums
Leo Thompson -- vocals, bass
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In 1989, THE BLIND SIDE BAND, was born on the south side of Indianapolis, Indiana. In the beginning, Steve Chenowith, and his best friend Joe Phillips, thought they were going to be rock stars with their new band. They would write a few songs but that did not make the extra money and get them jobs at dances and bars that they wanted. Therefore, they decided to continue their adventure covering songs that others had sang before them. They enlisted some other musicians and they sang those cover songs, into the night and on weekends. For years, this continued until... Now, we jump to 2008, and THE BLIND SIDE BAND, is still playing cover songs written by others. However, something is different; they are also playing their own songs as well. Songs constructed by Steve and Joe and arranged by the current members of The Blind Side Band. The songs of everyday, about love and death, friendship and misgivings, these are the songs of the working class. Songs that you can sing after you have heard them. Songs that will stay with you and that you can relate to in your everyday life. The Blind Side Band, has been playing to audiences for nearly 20 years. The band has a new face with three new members. This is by far the best ensemble of musicians the band has ever had, and its one that will be sure to entertain audiences of 100 or 10,000. Their songs of life and love along with songs from other artists, The Blind Side Band, will relate to multiple age demographics. Each member, an artist on their own, The Blind Side Band members have combined their efforts to produce the best song list, sound, show and audience experience that can be expected from mere humans. If you are searching for the perfect ensemble to entertain at your next event, festival, party, or local saloon, then The Blind Side Band is surely the best for your money. The band travels with their own sound system and lighting show. The entire crew is experienced in production at many different venues nation-wide. Any future client would be assured of the best possible product to be obtained. Make The Blind Side Band your next entertainment investment! Leave your next event, festival, party to the experience ofThe BLIND SIDE BAND to produce the results that you are striving for in first class entertainment!


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