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General Information

Artist Name: Pragmatic
Genre(s): metal
Contact: booking.pragmatic - at -
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Tim Patenaude- Vocals
Jeff Borders- Guitar/Vocals
John Wallace- Guitar/Vocals
Darrin Dant - Bass
James Miernyk- Drums
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From the ashes of bands past we have stirred in core members from bands that didn't last. From Sludge factory to 31 Spline we have a band that puts together all the elements each and every one of us has been searching for. Finally they are Pragmatic. A prominently rhythm driven band with a wall of sound that delivers low end to your chest, melody to your heart, and harmony to your soul. From A Capella to in your face screams they are sure to suffice.

As a whole this band of many styles has managed to connect on an extremely unimaginable level. The end result is beauty, power, heart... bottom line... a song for every mood... a song for everyone.


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