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A Failed Escape

General Information

A Failed Escape
Artist Name: A Failed Escape
Genre(s): punk,metal,powerpop
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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"A Failed Escape are not my bottle of beer. A mix of punk core with some humoristic parts."- *VAMPIR ‘zine* Macedonia

"A mentally unstable (or exceptionally creative and ambidextrous) Midwest sicko squad that's as entertaining as watching that monkey that can water ski. Really entertaining stuff."- *Metal Maniacs* New York

"A Failed Escape put the weirdest song on this comp., a progression of strange rhytms and interludes. A mix of "thrash-punk-core-happy" riffs... Just for weird people."- *Demons Jail 'zine* Chile

"The compilation closes out with that second track by A Failed Escape we mentioned- a rare acoustic recording of fan fave "Failure's Almanac." This song has always struck a mighty chord, both live and on disc, but hearing it in this context, bolstered by eerie effects and tempered by the seriousness of the situation, is an absolute delight. AFE is an amazingly diverse band made up of guys in their 20's with the musical souls of Frank Zappa, vintage Pantera, and Don Van Vliet all balled up inside of 'em. This was a perfect choice to wrap up the proceedings here, and lines like, "How the hell are ya?/Don't ask my name/The road goes forever, but the signs stay the same..." have never rung truer."- *Round the Dial* Minnesota

"A Failed Escape is old school, raw and fucking fast.... speedy death metal to the max... a fun band!"- *Metal Core Magazine* New York

"A Failed Escape is extremely unique and very talented... their lyrics and stage antics are comical, but in a very metal way. You really have to experience this band live."- *Seeds of Evil / Underground Online* Indiana


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