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Foster's Branch

General Information

Foster's Branch
Artist Name: Foster's Branch
Genre(s): rock,alternative
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Travis Beck -- drums
Kevin Rafferty -- guitar, vocals
Shawn Rafferty -- bass, vocals
Related Bands: The Danny Isaacs Band, Dayzie Head Mayzie


Foster's Branch is an Indianapolis based trio comprised of three very talented musicians, each bringing their own unique style and history to the band. Formed in 2004, Foster's Branch has just completed their debut album and is poised to unleash their massive rock n' roll arsenal on anything that crosses their path. Still not convinced? Go to a show and get your seat early. After spending the last two years building a grassroots fan base, the FB Army is locked, loaded, and ready to unleash the musical version of Shock & Awe.

Podcast Appearances:

Show #17

Featured Releases

The Root of it All


Upcoming Dates

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