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General Information

Artist Name: Bulletwolf
Genre(s): rock,metal
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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"How raw and fuck you is this album? It's like a combination of "these colors don't run," "shit happens," and "your fucking problem," with a dash of "who farted?" thrown in for good measure."
-JJ Koczan/ 2009-

"lovely, picturesque"
-John Zeps/High Order of Metal Supremecy/January 2009

"Music isn't bad for parties as long as it isn't mine but doesn't fit into DFM, just look at the influences (Poison??? IIEEEKKK!!!), besides disgusting vocals."
-Blaspheretic/DeatFM Forums/December 2008

"In the long run I 'd say this is the kind of swag you want on hand if you have a party coming up where your intent is to have the entire joint hungover like a fat dude's pork belly in a fannypack."
-Dave Brenner/Metal Maniacs/March 2008

"I'm sorry, but there's simply no arguing against metal that rocks this hard. It's party metal for the depraved, grooves for the sick and morals straight off the bathroom floor."
-JJ Koczan/The Aquarian/February 2008

"down and dirty stoner metal, the kind made by a foul mouthed band that stinks up any disreputable bar"
-John Pegoraro/ 2008

"Wholesale Riff-o-rama"
-Eric Unger/High Order of Metal Supremecy/July 2008


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