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Tonos Triad

General Information

Tonos Triad
Artist Name: Tonos Triad
Genre(s): experimental,singer/songwriter,jazz
Years Active: 2006 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Yevgeny Baburin -- guitar, violin
Aaron Ransdell -- bass
Rod Schindler -- accordion, melodica, drums, mandolin
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Formed in the late fall of 2006, Indianapolis-based trio Tonos Triad has continued to push beyond the boundaries of genre. The Triad is made up of upright bassist Aaron Ransdell, classical guitarist Yevgeny Baburin, and accordion / melodica player, Rod Schindler, who also plays a makeshift drum kit consisting of a suitcase, a license plate, a cardboard box, and brushes. Though primarily an acoustic band that centers their sound on complex and euphoric melodies, they can shock listeners by plunging into the intense realms of avant-garde ferocity before settling down into hard groove. If one were to try to compare Tonos Triad's music to anyone else, Astor Piazzolla or John Zorn might come to mind, however, being that their sound is so diverse it is almost impossible to label them under the school of any one master. They seem to be an enigma that wanders on the outskirts of genre and classification yet, enters the listener to pluck their heartstrings with subtle notes weaved with pop nostalgia and the dark unknown. They will melt your face clean off!

-Jesse Tryon

Podcast Appearances:

Show #42

Show #145

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Tonos Triad


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