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Brother O' Brother

General Information

Brother O' Brother
Artist Name: Brother O' Brother
Genre(s): Blues,Grunge,Rock
Contact: brotherobrother3 - at -
Years Active: 2012 - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
Chris Banta - Guitar/vox
Warner Swopes - Drums
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Starting in the Summer of 2013, Brother O' Brother began making music with one major message in mind, love. Love's components, makeup, societal lack, and possible encouraging solutions on how to increase love in this world. Our views on this come from our own Christian faith and backgrounds, but we truly believe the lyrics contained in these songs are a message anyone can agree with and apply to their own world regardless of faith, color, gender, or circumstance. The purveying theory is that this world on some level is on a constant moral and somewhat social decline in regards to positive interaction. We want to encourage you to look to your surroundings and choose to be a component of change. People need you, and potentially you alone to be a force of helpful change in their lives. Thanks for your time and please enjoy the music and we hope the message is one you are happy to share with others.

Podcast Appearances:

Show #178

Show #229

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