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Bury'n McIntyre

General Information

Bury'n McIntyre
Artist Name: Bury'n McIntyre
Genre(s): rock
Contact: burynmcintyre - at -
Years Active: 2011 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Barry Gillan-Vox and harmonica
Jason McIntyre-Vox and guitar
Ben Deater-Piano, Keys, Synth
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Bury'n McIntyre is composed of different members. Life long friends Barry Gillan and Jason McIntyre are the founding members of the band and can be accompanied by Upright Bass player, Morrison "MO" Foster, guitar artists Jeff Ketron and/or Clint LaFollette and Ben Deater on keys. They often look for fill ins such pedal steel or drums. The musical styling is "Billy Grass". Its a cross between blue grass, folk, americana, and rockabilly. It is an upbeat, mostly all ages friendly sound with REAL musicians playing REAL instruments.The band can play hours of covers but loves to add it's original work. Covers vary from Willie to Dre all performed acoustic, upbeat, and down right FUN!


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