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Russ Baum & Huck Finn

General Information

Russ Baum & Huck Finn
Artist Name: Russ Baum & Huck Finn
Genre(s): Pop
Contact: russ_baum - at -
Years Active: 2011 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Russ Baum - vocals and guitar
Stephen Guinnup - vocals and djembe
Related Bands: (unavailable)


Russ Baum and Huck Finn have been on this journey since June of 2011. Both coming from different paths, they formed this high-energy act, which they have dubbed "Folk Energy & Mayhem." Blazing a trail around the central Midwest, they have went from a local bar act to a regional act with in months using their clever craftsmanship and extreme songwriting abilities! An exciting and fun moving act, they leave audiences everywhere dancing, smiling, and singing along to their music. The sound that they come at with is amazing! For two guys with an acoustic guitar and a djembe, these guys "put it out there" using no effects; they just hit you with clean sound and crisp vocals. Their shows are captivating and very moving. Their style and demeanor is very real, and it shows in the original music they give you. This is one of those acts that is unlike most that come around. They were voted #1 overall local artist in Indy by the readers of NUVO magazine in 2014 and are proud of their very supportive fan base.


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