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General Information

Artist Name: HEAVENandHELL
Genre(s): rock,hard rock
Years Active: 2003 - 2007

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
John Foster -- drums
Gregg Jones -- guitar, vocals
Mia Kileen -- vocals
Jason Koch -- bass
Jeremy Pierce -- guitar
Related Bands: The Danny Isaacs Band, Whoa!Tiger, Vestiges of Ecstasy, Quantum Fuzz, Machine Down


HEAVENandHELL formed in January '03. In '07 we evolved to become Vestiges Of Ecstasy ( Check out our current work at our new page!

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HEAVENandHELL A reflection on the duality of our lives and the point upon which balance is achieved in our universe. HEAVENandHELL is the fulcrum where all influences exist in harmony.

HEAVENandHELL combine powerful instrumentation, catchy melodies and smart arrangements to create Riff-Driven, Modern Rock with Progressive Attitude; Guitar Rock for a new generation! Hard hitting enough for any fan of modern rock while maintaining a song friendly format found tasty by a wide audience. Reviewers and fans alike have likened HEAVENandHELL to Lacuna Coil, Guano Apes, Evanescence and Pat Benatar.


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