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Dr. Rhythm

General Information

Dr. Rhythm
Artist Name: Dr. Rhythm
Genre(s): rock,classic rock,other
Contact: drrhythmband - at -
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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Entering you into a club that makes you feel like Whitesnake might just jump and sing a few songs, I bring you DR RHYTHM! This band takes you back in time with some great sounds from Classic Rock N Roll. The band, formed in 1992 by Scott and Charles, and later adding a female bassist, Jodi, all they wanted was to play their own music. They wanted their sound with their instruments, and nothing more. However, when hitting the local scene became something they were becoming more familiar with, they changed their attitude. When the band hit the clubs and bars, all they got was the crowd wanting the hear cover tunes. This forced the band to either supply them, or get off the stage. Now, after wanting to stay on stage, DR RHYTHM plays songs from the seventies and eighties and beyond that range from bands like Bad Company, Eddie Money and Van Halen. They have even covered current artists like Maroon 5 and Jet. However, when they do play their own music, they want you to throw up devil horns and head bang your way into a new world. They provide their own lighting effects to their already fun rock and roll show. The band moved from California to Indiana and enjoy the midwest alot, and are just wanting to join the music scene here in Indianapolis.


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