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Henry Lee Summer

General Information

Henry Lee Summer
Artist Name: Henry Lee Summer
Genre(s): rock,classic rock
Contact: (317) 844-8224
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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Henry Lee Summer (real name Henry Lee "Hank" Swartz) is an American rock guitarist and singer from Brazil, Indiana. Originally, he planned on being a basketball player, and he even received a full scholarship to play at an Indiana University (source: Billboard Book of Top Forty Singles). However, he ultimately decided to go the music route. He had several successful albums in the 1980s and a #1 rock hit single, and toured with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Money, Chicago, and Richard Marx. His number 1 mainstream rock hit was "I Wish I Had a Girl (Who Walked Like That)" (#20 on Billboard's Hot 100), originally recorded for his Time for Big Fun album, but a version was also included on his self-titled album two years later. He also served as a lighting director and stage manager for many arenas in the 1980s.


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