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An In-Snide Look #361: Wherein Darrin's Inner Psyche Is Found On YouTube

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 7:00:00 PM


Tuesday playlist time:

I'm getting a little tired of endless lists of songs based around a genre or era. Was playing around on YouTube with the family last week and found a whole bunch of cool stuff I hadn't seen or even though of in years, really. Let's try something different, and do a little exploration of influences, events, people, and stuff from my formative years that made me the man I am today.

Yes, take yourself back to a mystical era called the 1970's. It was a magical era from the cotton fields of Mississippi to the woods of Southern Illinois. It was the decline of the Rolling Stones and the rise of the Bay City Rollers. It was an age of chaos when the Kiss had a disco hit and the Go-Go's were a scary punk rock band. It was my formative years...

Darrin's Famous Firsts and Greatest Influences Playlist:

My Appreciation of Community Broadasting: The Cactus Pete Funny Company

My Sense of Humor (Part 1): Kenny Everett's Captain Kremmen

My Love of Radio

My Vision of an Ideal Career: WKRP in Cincinnati

My First Crush: Julie Newmar

My First 45 (Purchased with my own money): Meco Star Wars

My First Concert: Fleetwood Mac, 1978

My First LP (Purchased with my own money): Kiss Double Platinum

My First Jazz Experience: Martin Denny, Quiet Village

My First SciFi Experience

The One That Gave Me Nightmares

The One That Give Me an Irrational Fear of My Grandfather's Medicine Cabinet

My Sense of Humor (Part 2): Mad Magazine

My Sense of Humor (Part 3): Douglas Adams

First Girlfriend

Got something you think would go great on this playlist? Have you got a favorite playlist of your own? I'm always on the lookout for nostalgia. Do share!

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