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Shadyside Allstars

General Information

Shadyside Allstars
Artist Name: Shadyside Allstars
Genre(s): rock,jam band,progressive
Years Active: 2003 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Aaron Manka -- guitar, vocals
Chris Moore -- drums, vocals
Blair Ping -- bass, vocals
Will Spice -- keyboards, vocals
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Formed in February 2003, the Shadyside Allstars have persistently risen above the stale expectations of music lovers as they offer an inimitable approach to live performance. Their songwriting sensibilities merge melody, technicality and an infectious atmosphere inciting citizens to stand up and take notice. Charles Tidd of the IUPUI Sagamore agrees stating, "The sound is full of rich, warm guitar tones that favor the Allman Brothers and Santana; the three-piece rhythm section drives a thick groove that is tight and relentless." The Allstars shed the myth that inflections captured in the studio need be performed note for note, night after night.

Shadyside employs this proficiency capturing the audiences attention through solid structure and vibrant improvisation. Known for well-rehearsed stage performances, the Allstars simultaneously astonish crowds with unpredicted melodies, harmonies and rhythm-based jams. Kristen Leep of Indianapolis Music.Net writes, "They are a talented, feel-good band that write strong songs, improvise well, but always a have a focus." This funky, jam band momentum sparks rapport with multitudes of enthusiastic, energetic listeners. As spontaneous melodies soar over rooted grooves, the Allstars purpose prevails: a fan base grows.

As attested by their schedule, the Allstars are currently working to promote themselves throughout the Midwest. Whether participating in conferences, charity events or festivals, Shadyside remains diligent in disseminating its merchandise of good times and great music. Please visit our website for more information including performance dates and audio downloads.

Podcast Appearances:

Show #21

Show #58

Show #118

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Shadyside Allstars


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