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General Information

Artist Name: VilaFishburn
Genre(s): rock,alternative
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Amy Fishburn -- drums
Aaron Patrick -- guitar, vocals
Ray Ruiz -- bass, vocals
Doug Sneddon -- guitar
Clay Wagner -- drums
Related Bands: The Dirty Third


Imagine Dan Akroyd reading this as his character in "The Blues Brothers"

After being shot in a drive-by shooting, life was no longer innocent. When care-free innocence is lost, regardless of the reason, a person reflects on life often and deeply, and "some individuals" pick up guitars and just start writing every thing down. Meeting like minded individuals usually follows, and thus "VilaFishburn."

Podcast Appearances:

Show #11

Show #105

Live Performances:

Live at PodConcert 3
-- Recorded Live at Birdy's Bar and Grill on 2/2/2013

Featured Releases

Bare Tracks

Watching Over We

Indian (5-Song EP)


Upcoming Dates

(no shows found on calendar)


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