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Show #151: The Chris Brake Show

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Sunday, February 23, 2014 10:30:00 PM


I discovered podcasts back in late 2004/early 2005, as near as I can remember.  The first ones were tech news mostly.  TWIT, Morning Coffee Notes, Geek News Central, etc.  I quickly expanded my listening to include "subculture" stuff like Evil Genius Chronicles, Random Signal, Geek Fu Action Grip, and the RU Sirius Show, along with geeky faire like Wingin' It, Slice of SciFi.  Music stuff came in the third wave, mostly because I was so overloaded with talk podcasts.  It wasn't until I got my first iRiver, featuring double-speed play, that I was able to free up enough time to add in music shows as well.

The point being, when I first got into podcasting, my heart always lay in the free-form banter shows like Chris Brake's, and up until now, I'd never gotten to do one.   Okay, there is a pilot for "Dinner with Geeks" (my infamous GeekLabel meets Dinner for Five concept ... that I will get back to one day) that pre-dates Indy In-Tune by about a month, and I made a couple of appearances on the Free Beer Express, though they were topical shows.  This is the first one where we've just turned on the mics with no script, notes, or plans.  I think it will take some work and mental preparation before I'm ready to do that on a regular basis.

Naturally, this leads to the next set of issues.  I have had some tough edit jobs, and I have had some long edit jobs.  I think this one wins on both counts.  The original raw file for this clocked in a just over three hours, as it was taken from the radio feed from that Saturday night radio broadcast.  I then had the unenviable task of whittling down 200 minutes, down to 60.  That process began back on January 17, and was just finished about an hour ago.  In the end, after playing through the file and only managing to trim out 10 or 15 minutes each time, I finally decided to completely scrap the whole thing, start with a blank file, and just paste bits into it until I had 60 minutes.  Believe me, I have every minute of that evening committed to memory, and I'm not convinced these were the best 60, however they were the first 60 that I could easily isolate and cut over. 

In all, it probably wasn't my funniest night on the air, but it was still a lot of fun.  Enough so that you will now be hearing new episodes of the Chris Brake Show (without me ... or at least with me relegated down to a five minute spot) three times a week on Indy In-Tune.  Check the page for exact times and they're bound to move around while we find their sweet spot.

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